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Bridal Portrait -Salvage One

The above portrait of our stunning bride was taken at Salvage One. The vintage hairstyle and a classy wedding hair piece paired with classic red lips created a very retro-like feel to it that we absolutely love.

Bridal portraits are the often the most intimate photographs taken during your wedding day.

They require a lot of skill and precision on the side of your photographer as well as favorable lighting conditions.

Bridal portraits capture the beauty and grace of the bride in her wedding gown as she prepares for the most spectacular day of her life. Everything about these portraits must be perfect because it is her perfect day and she looks and feels amazing.

Bridal photography pays a lot of attention to details that are unique to that special day. It takes months of preparation for most of the brides to choose their perfect wedding make-up, hairstyle and most importantly, the dress. They want to perfect every detail of their appearance from a wedding hair piece to the color of their lipstick.

All of these details combined together create a look that is personalized and unique to that particular bride. Although we have been photographing brides for years, we have not seen two that looked the same. And that is amazing in and out of itself!

Location: 1840 W Hubbard St, Chicago, IL 60622